Sunday, August 6, 2017

Fanorona apps' review 2.00

The best way to enjoy Fanorona nowadays is to play app games. In fact, you don't need a game board, or even a physical opponent, if your buddies don't dare to play against you, because you've become a grandmaster at this strategy/puzzle game. So today, we are going to do a quick review of 3 fanorona games available on App Store and Google Play, to determine which one is the best.



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This app game is very complete, with a well-worked design. You can play against an IA, an opponent on the same device, or against players all over the world. In my opinion, the Nelli Studio has done a very good job on this one, and you see there is a lot of works behind when you look at the user-friendly interface. Then, the music is very pleasant, and make you think of some far-off land (certainly Madagascar), where you sip cocktails, and play peacefully fanorona.

Fanorona gratuit

 image from fanorona gratuit app game 

Even if the design is correct, this app is very basic. Once you've installed it, you fall immediately on the game board. Players can't change the background, and you only have the choice between two set of colors: blue and green pieces, or white with a black circle , and white with a black cross' pieces, if you choose the colorblind mode in the setting ( as you can see on the above image). Finally, there is no background music, which in my mind, is the main characteristic of a good game.


image from ファノロナ app game

It's an app game developped by a japanese team, as you may have already guessed by reading the title. This one represents an excellent choice as e-Fanorona, if you aim to fully enjoy your gaming experience. I only regret there is no background music on this one too. I guess you have to be familiar with the malagasy culture, in order to produce a music that fit perfectly to the gameplay. Then, the design is sober and restrained, which may be annoying for the younger.


After I've looked at the pros and cons of each apps, I come to the conclusion that the best is e-Fanorona. In fact, it represents in my opinion the most complete and valuable app game available for now, both for beginners and experts in Fanorona. And this is simply the funniest one. Maybe what I really find attractive on it are the fact that you can play against players all over the world. Then, the graphic design, plus the background music achieve to let you enjoy Fanorona for hours (if you have time) on your laptop, your smartphone, or your PC if you have an emulator.